How will you use a document camera in math class?

Let's share clever ways to use a document camera with your students.


1. Use the document camera to display colorful manipulatives!
2. You can place student work up immediately! Great for BCR's:)
3. To demonstrate math games.
4. You can take pictures of the students as they are working on projects and show them at the end of class for an incentive.
5. Sharing out after doing group work. No more bulky chart paper!
6. Share photographs.
7. You can enlarge a ruler to show 1/2 and 1/4 marks.
8. If you have a project that is done in stages- i.e. tangrams-you can show each stages as it occurs.
9. Going through the steps of a word problem by having each group of students display a different step (using pictures or key vocabulary words.)
10. Incorporate literature into math! Show pages of a book to the entire class while reading aloud.
11. You can zoom closely on word problems to identify important information.